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* Spring is just around the corner *

Time to get ready for summer adventures.

* Staying Safe *

MT410g $429

FastFind 220

FastFind220 $549


RescueMe $549


Spot Gen3 $229

* NEW Garmin GPS *

Forerunner 225
Garmin's first fitness GPS with a heart rate monitor on the wrist.

Edge 25

The Edge 25 captures essential stats from your ride.

eTrex 20x
Popular Handheld GPS with Enhanced Memory and Resolution.

* GPS Specials *

Click here for our August Specials.

Books for people who love maps

Four Colours Suffice

A History of the World in Twelve Maps


The Power of Maps


GPS Specials

Click here

Globe Special

Explorer Globe
SPECIAL - $149

Franklin Globe
SPECIAL - $149

Explorer Globe
SPECIAL - $149

Franklin Globe
SPECIAL - $149

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