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Stay safe this summer. Take a PLB with you.

SPOT - satellite GPS messenger

Spot beacons allow you to:
  • get help from your family at your location
  • send a pre-programmed message with your location
  • allow contacts to track where you are located
  • let your contacts know you're OK
  • send an SOS if you're in trouble
Price: $249 (+$165 annually)

MT410G MT410G

* battery life 7 years
* warranty 7 years
* weight 250 gms
* waterproof / floats

November SPECIAL: $429
FastFind220 FastFind220

* battery life 6 years
* warranty 6 years
* weight 192 gms
* waterproof / floats

November SPECIAL: $529
ResQLink+ ResQLnk+

* battery life 5 years
* warranty 5 years
* weight 162 gms
* waterproof / floats

November SPECIAL: $599

Freshmap Topomapping

Freshmap - digital topomaps

Windows or Mac
computer and Garmin GPS

Freshmap Topo for Windows or Mac PLUS Freshmap Topo for a Garmin GPS - $299
Freshmap Topo for Windows or Mac - $199
Freshmap Topo for a Garmin GPS - $149

A Garmin GPS for outdoor adventures?

Oregon 600 Oregon 600

* touchscreen
* works well under bush
* map capable
* water-resistant

with Freshmap $649
Garmin GPSmap 64s GPSmap 64S

* works well under bush
* map capable
* water-resistant
* most popular model

with Freshmap $699
eTrex 30+ eTrex 30

* works well under bush
* map capable
* water-resistant
* electronic compass

with Freshmap $499

Alpha 100/T5

Garmin Alpha 100/T5

Multi-dog Tracking GPS and Remote Training Device in One
* Tracks up to 20 dogs or buddies from up to 15 kms away
* 18 training levels of continuous and momentary stimulation
* Tone and vibration alerts
* Measures dogs' speed and distance traveled

Special Introductory Price: $999

Book Corner

A New Zealand History

tells the story of the development of tramping in New Zealand, tracing its origins to the way Maori and early Europeans engaged with the sometimes forbidding New Zealand mountains and bush.

Our Continent Revealed

Zealandia is a continent almost entirely submerged. It encompasses New Caledonia, the Chathams, Auckland and Campbell Islands.

View From The Road

State Highway 1 links this counntry's 5 main cities, and it's a perfect route to explore this country's geographical diversity.

Wild about New Zealand
Our National Parks

This book with photos and text digs deep into what each of New Zealand's 14 national parks, plus the Hauraki Gulf marine park, offers the visitor.

The World
A Traveller's Guide to the Planet

In this ultimate A to Z, every country has a detailed map, essential factsand "must see" highlights

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